The legal practice of  DR. GUTH · BECK · KLEIN · CYMUTTA has a 60-year tradition of counselling and representing clients in Mannheim and the surrounding area.

Our team provides legal services to

  • small or medium-sized commercial firms, craft trades and family companies in and around Mannheim as well as to
  • large international industrial corporations active on the German market.

We offer individual and tailor-made services to

  • private persons seeking advice or legal assistance.

A large number of our clients have been represented by us for many years and particularly enjoy not only the efficiency of our service but also the personal attention they receive from a legal advisor they know and trust and who is aware of their individual situation and needs.

We frequently counsel at our clients premises where documentation and in the case of company clients - staff are within easy reach.

Furthermore, we offer regular legal clinics on the premises of some of our corporate clients.